What are other Physicians Saying...

Ronald Lieberman, D.O.


Dr. Chang Chien unquestionably falls into the category of one of my great mentors. His outstanding grasp of musculoskeletal medicine and  ultrasound imaging are truly inspiring. The clarity of his explanations and communications skills are superior. I would unquestionably recommend his tutelage to anyone seeking both academic and practical knowledge in this field.

Ira J. Goodman, M.D.


I attended the MSK US courseJuly 29-31,2016 in Pasadena CA.

 The course was excellent from start to finish.  Dr. Chang-Chien is not just a true expert in the field, but conveys his vast knowledge to the attendees in a complete, clear, and concise manner, regardless of the level of expertise of the students.  

His enthusiasm for ultrasound and teaching made the course even more enjoyable.  This course covers both US guided procedures, and diagnostic MSK US. The environment, equipment, and support staff were top notch as well.  I very highly recommend this course for beginners, intermediates, or even those very experienced in US guided procedures.  I would/will take the course again.

Jeffrey B. Glaser, M.D.



I am an interventional pain management physician who has been practicing for 16 years.  I have had the great pleasure of getting instructions on multiple occasions from Dr. Chang Chien.  He is an amazing instructor with a tremendous ability to convey what could be considered difficult and confusing information in a way which makes learning ultrasound fun and easy!  I highly recommend getting instruction from Dr. Chang Chien for the novice or even the ultrasound experienced doctor as his didactic and clinical teachings are extremely comprehensive, useful and practical.

Richard Kang M.D.


Our practice had the pleasure of having Dr. Chang Chien to our office for a two day private session mini-course on MSK Ultrasound and Regenerative Medicine. Compared to other highly touted courses, this private session was worth every penny and far surpassed any other learning experience from other major societies. Dr. Chang Chien was able to provide one of the best learning and instructional experiences for our practice. His knowledge and clinical expertise not only with MSK Ultrasound but also with Biological / Regenerative medicine is incomparable, and his instruction is unparalleled.

Personally, I have been to several courses focused on ultrasound/regenerative medicine and it's applications, and few instructors come close to the knowledge, clarity, practicality and real-life applications of what is taught. The attention to detail, the instruction and discussion is invaluable.

Dr. Chang Chien is truly one of the great leaders and pioneers in the field of MSK Ultrasound and regenerative medicine. 

Ronald Wasserman, M.D.


I would like to say your course was fantastic and I would strongly recommend it to anyone who has an interest in becoming more facile with MSK ultrasound. 

I have been to other courses in the past but yours was without a doubt the best hands down The attendee numbers very small so that there was plenty of time with hands on experience to practice scanning while you watched and could comment on the technique and probe positions for the best views. The opportunity to have essentially unlimited time to practice this because you kept the numbers small was invaluable. In essence you do not end the course until the person taking it is able to feel comfortable and demonstrate that they can get the views they need for the upper and lower extremity joints. You are also an excellent teacher. You are able to break down the steps for the procedures so that they are easy to understand and repeat on our own. Also, having you as the lone instructor to work with provided consistency in the messages you were trying to emphasize as well as the technique. Finally, the powerpoint presentation that you provided and reviewed was excellent. It was clear you had put a lot of time and thought into this and it certainly addressed a number of important concepts.  

Kerry C. Latch M.D.


I have been practicing ultrasound for over 10 years and have attended multiple ultrasound courses in the past. Dr. Chang Chien, without a doubt provides the best course that I have ever attended both for the value and for his expertise. His understanding of anatomy and his use of ultrasound is unmatched. He used to be a high school teacher and it shows in his teaching methods.  He has a special way of breaking down complex concepts into basic ideas and presenting them in an understandable manner.  He will definitely hasten your learning curve on the use of ultrasound significantly. 

Dr. Chang Chien also has a wonderful personality and is a lot of fun to work with.  I cannot thank him enough for the skills that he has shared with me and I look forward to the next opportunity to get to learn from him again. 

I give my highest recommendation possible.